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100 Follower Special - we say THANK YOU with a Factsheet about the most important Findings!

Since 5 weeks we are presenting on Digital Immersive Science at #digitalthursday which role Augmented & Virtual Reality play in different areas of economy and education and how this role is changing due to the pandemic and the resulting restrictions.

We are happy about the great interest in our interview series and the positive feedback about the Learnings. Meanwhile more than 100 AR/VR interested people are following us on LinkedIn. As a thank you, we would like to draw an interim conclusion and summarize the most important findings in a factsheet.

In the upcoming weeks we will publish more exciting interviews about the Relevance of AR/VR by Corona. You can find the editorial schedule of our expert series on our Landing Page.

We will also be delighted to send you the Factsheet as a PDF file by E-Mail.

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